Vigro Deep – Fire & Ice Ft. Yashna & Neo Ndawo

unleashes “Fire & Ice” in a new song for which he tapped the vocal resources for fellow South Africans and Neo Ndawo.

If, like me, you’re a big fan of Robert Frost, you must have been struck by the title of the song the South African singer released in collaboration with his pals. But then, both are markedly different.

The difference between the song and Robert Frost’s poem of the same title is not something I care to dwell on. Let’s just say that has also created an interesting musical experience with his song in review.

“Fire & Ice” streams from Vigro Deep’s latest project, “Far Away From Home.” And in his choices of and Neo Ndawo e cannot be faulted. Both had put up a sterling performance beside him.

The potency of this collaboration is such that the listener will have no qualms angling to see the artistes work on something after this. Well, until another drop, y’all are best of savoring the sonic beauty that’s on the table.

“Fire & Ice” promises a good time and delivers just that. Now that’s what a good jam is all about. You gotta embrace it or all it’s worth.

Vigro Deep – Fire & Ice Ft. Yashna & Neo Ndawo

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