“150 Bars” – K.O Fires Diss Response, “Omega Freestyle”

K.O is the man of thanks in part to his recently released song “Omega Freestyle,” in which he dissed fellow rapper Big Zulu. Actually, the track was a response to Big Zulu’s diss track “150 Bars.”

In that track, Big Zulu had dissed several rappers in South African hip hop. He ended by apologizing to them all at the end of the track. But that wasn’t enough to make K.O sheathe his sword. So K.O fired back with a diss track himself.

“Omega Freestyle” is it. This scorching tune has got South Africans talking. Ordinary folks and celebs alike have shared their thoughts about the track. In fact, AKA, one of Mzansi’s hip hop notables. Praised it.

Controversial culture critic NOTA even joined the fray, asking his former business and rap partner Kwesta to respond to K.O’s diss track because he thinks Big Zulu is not competent enough to face K.O in the diss arena.

Anyway, Kwesta has not responded. If he should respond – or if anyone should take it upon themselves to drop another diss track – then Big Zulu would have achieved his purpose, which has to ignite the hip hop space again and get the musos rapping.

Way to go?

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