Jerusalema, the Limpopo House Track That Got the World Dancing | A Higher Place

Master KG’s hit track  Jerusalema, featuring Nomcebo Zikode, has taken the world by storm with fans all the way from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and France, to the U.S. (the top countries streaming the original tracks on Spotify over the past 28 days).

As the date moves closer to the one-year anniversary of the song’s debut, Spotify looks back on the progress and popularity of the track. A track that for many people seemed to be an overnight hit however, its success was not immediate. After first appearing on Spotify in November 2019 the track steadily gained more popularity, increasing over 48 000% in Spotify streams between November 2019 and October 2020.

“Jerusalema is not just any song,” Master KG explained to For the Record. “It’s a comforting song with a message that we can all relate to. The song came at the time where the world was facing a global pandemic, so it helped restore faith. It’s a song that people will remember for many years to come, a song that will be remembered for uniting the world.”

Between still-increasing streams on Spotify and the countless, global #JerusalemaChallenge videos, it’s very likely the track will remain a symbol of hope, unity, and togetherness for some time to come.

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