50 Cent Seizing Bank Accounts, Properties Belonging To Former Employee Who Stole From His Liquor Brand

American rapper 50 Cent has won a lawsuit against an employee who stole millions from his liquor brand and he couldn’t be happier over the outcome of the legal battle.

Mitchell Green had reportedly stolen $6.2 million from the rapper’s Branson Cognac brand and lived large on the stolen funds. With the ruling against him, however, the G-Unit boss has swung into action in an attempt to recover the millions the former employee had creamed off him.

“I need you off my house by Monday,” 50 Cent had reportedly said about Green’s mansion which he seized following the successful lawsuit. According to reports, the celebrated rapper, who now spends most of his time as a film director, has seized all of Gren’s assets, including other properties and bank accounts in an attempt to recover his money.

When the news blew up on social media, tweeps were quick to applaud Fif, with some stating that they would have done exactly the same thing to anyone who stole from them.

Known for being petty to his adversaries, 50 Cent is extending that energy to Green, as he noted that he would be keeping the former employee’s family photos in the seized property as well. “I’m gonna keep it and his family pictures around, you know as a theme for the place. LOL.”

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