77-Year-Old Dolly Parton Reveals Secrets Of Youth & Staying In Shape

Celebrated singer Dolly Patton is currently 77 years but she still looks pretty young for her age. So, could there be a secret to her lavish youth? Well, she gave an answer to that recently, with a touch of humour.

An answer is particularly revealing because it contains something many people may not expect – she is not a big fan of exercise, and her staying young has little to do with exercise as well.

Speaking during a recent interview, the country star was fairly straightforward, noting that she hates exercise the same way she hated school. So her staying young had little to do with exercising. She watches what she eats – more proteins than carbs.

She eats what she wants to and her doctors do the rest in the mission of staying healthy and looking young. Now and then, of course, you can catch her doing her squats. Beyond that, you should as well count her out.

The songstress was in London recently to promote her latest rock album. And while some fans are keen she should go on tour and are asking for tour dates already, she has no interest in going on tour anytime soon. Well, time will tell.

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