90 Day Fiancé: Sojaboy Making ‘Good Money’ In U.S. And Thaís Ungrateful Behavior

90-Day Fiancé’s Sojaboy says he’s making good money in the US, and fans slam Thais for ungrateful behavior.

Usman Umar, a.k.a Sojaboy, is not the same person he used to be before he found fame. According to the Nigerian star, his net worth has grown considerably since he has been on the show.

Sojaboy has also confirmed his relationship with Kim Menzies. While speaking to fans, he revealed that even though he’s still in Nigeria, he’s making so much money in the US. He shared the news while answering fan questions on Instagram.

According to him, he “withdraws good money every month.” He said this in reply to a question about whether he could make it as a musician in the USA. He said he’s already doing that. This is because his American fans have been streaming his music after watching him on the TLC show.

Usman is currently in a relationship with Kim Menzies, a 50-year-old woman he met on the internet. While Kim wishes to be married to him, he is skeptical about it because of his failed marriage with Lisa, who he married in “Before The 90 Days” season 4. Lisa has called Usman’s love for Kim “fraudulent.” She believes he married her for fame and a green card.

In other news, Thais Ramone has been slammed by fans for her ungrateful attitude and manipulative behavior on 90 Day Fiancé season 9. She is engaged to Patrick Mendes, who proposed to her after meeting in Brazil. Thais moved to Texas to be with Patrick and his brother, John.

Since her arrival, she has driven a wedge between Patrick and his brother, John. She does not relent in criticizing John. She has also criticized Patrick’s half-a-million-dollar house, which she called “small.” Fans have called her out for her ingratitude and manipulation. A Redditor wrote;

“The fact that she contributes nothing and demands a perfect, expensive mansion makes her a massive, international loser.”

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