Alleged Rape: Primedia Fires DJ Fresh and Euphonik

Lady Alleges Foul Play In Rape Case Against DJ Fresh and Euphonik

Primedia Broadcasting has just terminated the contracts of two staff members – DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik.

Weeks back, a lady had accused the two of raping her and her friends during a time out in 2011. The pair had described the allegations as false. Specifically, one of the accused, DJ Fresh, had stated he doesn’t even know the lady.

On his part, the other accused, Euphonik, had written the South African police on Twitter, asking for case number. His tweet had elicited massive criticism at the time. Although both accused had impressed it on the public that they would stop their on-air appearances until the case was dealt with, they apparently didn’t.

In a statement, Primedia had averred that it had to terminate the contract of both radio personalities in the larger interest of its brand and in the interest of its shareholders, insisting that releasing them from their contracts in no way means both are guilty of what they have been accused. You may want to check out the press release, which has generated mixed reactions, below.

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