A-Reece Announces Return Of ‘Reece Effect’

SA Hip Hop star has announced the return of his popular event “Reece Effect,” coming in November.

Wow, what a year it has been. Mzansi has watched her faves dominate the scene in various ways. has been one of the most exciting artists to follow this year. He was in his element all through.

Reece dominated the airwaves with projects, singles, and collaborations. If Reece ever had a shell, it would be nice to say he stepped out of it this year. Oh, and there’s more to come. He took to social media to announce the return of his event, “Reece Effect.”

He shared the artwork for the event scheduled to happen in Jo’burg on November 4 and asked fans to save the date. The show started in 2019 and was a success. It is nice to see him bringing it back this year. He’s already got a number of hits from this year to perform.

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