A-Reece Clarifies His Absence, Confirms “Paradise 2” Release

A-Reece confirms his forthcoming album "Paradise 2" and reveals why he's been absent

reveals reasons for his absence as he confirms the coming release of his album “Paradise 2”.

Anyone who’s a fan of would testify that he isn’t one to say much or even be seen at all times. The Mzansi rapper has been undercover for a while now. It’s over a year-and-a-half now since he’s been really silent, except for times when he’s surfaced to drop hints about his coming album.

In a recent interview, the “Reece Effect” hit maker opened up about the reason for his absence. He revealed that he’s been working on his upcoming album “Paradise 2”. As usual, he was vague about some of the other things he’s been up to but admitted to being undercover for a while now.

“I am busy I am working just like anyone else. You don’t have to be on the frontline or anything, the work will show,”

The Mzansi rapper has never been one for interviews. He previously revealed in a chat with that he wants nothing to do with interviews saying “it gotta be curated”.