A-Reece Gets New Tattoo

A-Reece shows off new tattoo on his left arm.

We may all be stressing and wondering when A-Reece would drop his new album, but the rapper is living his life. While he may not always been on social media, he makes appearances every once in a while to show whatever he wants his fans to see.

This time, he is showing off new ink on his left arm. The sophisticated looking tat features what looks like the upper part of Cupid’s body with his wings attached. The rest of its body is covered with a cloud. Theres also another tat of a computer on fire with the words “lost control” written around it.

Reece has always been known for his tats. He also has 5 emojis tattooed on his left forearm. It features praying hands, a heart, a diamond, a happy emoji, and a money bag with dollars. Check the new tat out below.

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