A-Reece Is Not Taking Responsibility For Fake ‘Sotho Man With Some Power’ Album

A-Reece further distanced himself from the album tagged “Sotho Man With Some Power” released in his name.

What makes the album controversial is that it shares the same title has Nasty C’s intended studio album “Zulu Man With Some Power”. This development got a lot of people insinuating there was a form of beef brewing between the two.

A-Reece has now further erased the assumptions of beef by seeking legal action to ask the concerned platforms to take down the album, as they consist of old and illegal songs that were surely concocted to cause disagreement between rappers.

Recall fans of the celebrities on twitter have been busy all through the lockdown trying to pitch the rappers against each other, which further got intense when a live battle on Instagram was held, which saw Nasty C been declared winner.

A-Reece took to Twitter to share a copy of his official statement;


Johannesburg (April 17, 2020), it is with great annoyance and disappointment that we have come to learn of an album released by an entity only known to us currently as “2018 Rubber Band Gang” under the name of rapper Lehlogonolo Mataboge, professionally named A-Reece.

Not only does this album infringe on A-Reece’s copyright by what we believe to be illegal duplication of previously released music, but it has also been maliciously and intentionally titled to create a professional rift with colleagues in the industry.

A-Reece wishes to categorically denounce the album “A Sotho Man With Some Power” as a fake body of work which could only have been released as a result of cowardice and opportunism.

We have reached out to Apple music and our distributors to ensure that the project is taken down as a matter of urgency.

We will also take all possible steps to ensure that the perpetrators of this unspeakable abomination are brought to task.

In the interim, A-Reece requests all his fans and the public to refrain from downloading or entertaining the album in question as it lacks legitimacy.

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