A-reece Remembers When He Was Broke

A-Reece Remembers Being Dead Broke

remembers when he was dead broke.

Truly, our past never leaves us. In fact, it is a part of who we are, and even though we move on from it, we still have memories of it all. All the celebs who rule the world these days were once as normal as us fans. They were once broke too. That, of course, is normal.

Talented SA Hip-hop star, may be on top of the world these days, but there was a time when he wasn’t even close. Like most celebs do, the rapper recently took a trip down memory lane where he reminisced on once being broke. We wonder if he had a look at his net worth and got blown away.

Reece shared a photo of himself in ripped jeans with the caption “I remember I wa$ dead broke“. Now, he has lots of hits and definitely a whole lot of money in the bank.