Actor Linda Majola Announces His 1st Stand-Up Comedy Show With – Something Different

It has been said that you don’t know exactly what you can do until you try. And indeed, many people have attempted new things – what they never thought they could do – and succeeded. Enter Linda Majola, a South African actor.

Many only know him as an actor. But Linda is actually a bloke of many gifts and he is about to explore one aspect of his gifts – stand-up comedy.

During a conversation with TshishaLIVE, the actor gave some insights into the imminent show, noting that it is unlike what other comedians are doing out there. And yes, he is confident he would do a great job with the show.

He’s queer. And from his sexuality and other life experiences, including being a son, grandson, and part of the entertainment industry, he has been able to make people laugh. Now he wants to streamline his reality and experiences into a show to make people laugh and just have a good time.

His comedy show will include Jazz musicians – one of the reasons he says it will be indifferent. Anyway, he’s gotten the attention of his compatriots already. Whether the imminent show will live up to expectations is a different topic altogether.

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