Actress Khanya Mkangisa Speaks On Recent Hijacking Reports

Actress Khanya Mkangisa Speaks On Recent Hijacking Reports

Hijackings are prevalent in South Africa. So, for many, the dream is not to fall victim to hijackers. But then, things do not always go as people want to wish them. But was this the recent reality of South African actress  Khanya Mkangisa?

Some blogs (not UbeToo) have reported that she was the victim of a hijacking. Citing a source, they had claimed that a vehicle had suddenly stopped in front of her and those occupying it had gotten out quickly and dispossessed her of her possessions, including a laptop and a cell phone.

additionally, it was claimed that the police were on the heels of 15 suspects involved in the hijacking. However, contrary to what has been reported, the actress insisted that she was actually safe and had not lost anything to any person or group.

She ended up faulting those who had published the story, claiming they just hurried to publish the story without hearing from her first. In other words, she insisted the whole hijacking claim was untrue.

Her denial of the incident came as a relief to some of her fans, who were hoping she hadn’t lost anything and wasn’t hurt as well. Apparently, their hope is the current reality.