AKA Feels His Recent Crowd-Surfing Fail Was Hilarious

Super talented rapper, AKA, recently experienced another failed attempt at crowd-surfing. However, he finds this recent experience hilarious.

Following the way AKA’s awkward video had gone viral on Twitter, fans of the talented rapper are of the opinion that AKA should put a stop to crowd-surfing. Well, the ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker’s second attempt at crowd-surfing turned out to be a successful but the rest have been a disaster.

During his Rustenburg performance last weekend, the multi-award winning rapper experienced another epic fall while he attempted to crowd-surf again. Much to the surprise of AKA’s fans, the rapper remarked that his crazy attempt was hilarious.

AKA was definitely having a great time as he wowed the stage with his incredible performance. Maybe that was what gave him the idea to try crowd-surfing again. However, it wasn’t a good idea because the audience were having a memorable moment as they watched AKA perform and most of them had their hands occupied with either drinks or phones. So, the hands were not available to catch the rapper as he fell hard to the concrete floor.

A fan had taken to to post his epic failure at crowd-surfing and surprisingly, AKA also laughed at himself. AKA also told Twitter users that he gave crowd-surfing another try and this time around, it turned out to be successful. He replied a fan:

To be fair, I got back on stage and did it again. This time they caught me and everyone was happy and stuff.

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