AKA Declares Nasty C Must Be Stopped

It looks like the jocund side of AKA has manifested once again. The songster has just tweeted that his compatriot and fellow rapper Nasty C needs to be stopped.

It was obvious he merely joking in his statement to stop Nasty C, a musician whose music career he was instrumental to lifting.

Nasty C’ has been dominating the charts back home in South Africa. His song with T.I., titled “They Don’t” was an instant success. The song details the tragedy of black life in the United States. It is said that the racial profiling Nasty C experienced, along with his crew, in the United States was the primary motivation for the song.

Also, his “ZULU” mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid trended on Audiomack almost immediately it was released, leaving no one in doubt of his musical appeal and his massive following.

AKA has apparently been watching Nasty C’s brilliance on the charts. So he made the joke about the “Zulu Man With Some Power” and the de facto Coolest Kid in Africa. “Nasty C is out of control. He needs to be stopped,” he tweeted.

AKA’s tweet had a robust engagement, with some fans suggesting he collaborates with Nasty C. A collaboration between them will resonate across South Africa.

But will they collaborate? Stay tuned for updates.

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