AKA Exposed After Challenging Fans To Name The Songs He Copied From Other Artists

gets exposed on Twitter after he challenged fans to name the songs he copied from other artists.

While it is good to be confident, sometimes it’s alright to just make your point and move on. SA Hip Hop star, recently learnt this the hard way when he threw a challenge at his fans and got the opposite of what he was expecting.

Riding on the conversation started by Cassper about authenticity, Supa Mega made claims of not “biting anyone or anyone’s style” in all the time he’s spent in the SA Hip Hop scene. He then challenged his followers to name songs they think he copied from other artists.

Surprising a lot of them did. Songs like “Sweet Fire”, “Composure”, “The World Is Yours” and more were listed. Some even accused him of tearing pages off Kanye’s book. We are certain he did not see that coming. Do let us know if you know any other songs he may have “copied”.

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