AKA Feels SA Hip Hop Scene Competition Is Very Weak

AKA reacts to his competition and says it "is so weak"

AKA says “competition is so weak” as he reacts to the SA Hip Hop scene.

Anyone who knows Mzansi rapper, AKA knows he has quite a lot to brag about. Well, he talks like that cause he can back it up. Not many rappers can defend the things they say like him.

Indeed, Supa Mega’s contributions to the SA Hip Hop scene can not be denied. We must all agree that he’s had the longest run in the game than any other rapper on the scene. Following his questionable quick recovery from COVID-19, the rapper took to Twitter to spread the word.

Apparently, a lot of Tweeps wanted him to go down with it, because one insinuated that the virus should have ended him to save SA Hip Hop. Replying, the rapper called out the entire Hip Hop scene stating that the “competition is so weak y’all relying on Covid”. That’s a huge step from his usual Cassper beefs.

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