AKA Reacts To Zingah’s Opinion That K.O Murdered Him On ‘Run Jozi’

AKA reacts to Zingah’s opinoon that he was ‘murdered’ by K.O on their collaboration “Run Jozi”.

Not everyone would dare choose someone else over Supa Mega when it comes to rap but Zingah isn’t just anyone. The SA Hip Hop star is known to always speak his mind and that he did in a recent chat with Nota.

While Nota was of the opinion that AKA’s verse in “Run Jozi”, Zingah stated that K.O murdered AKA in it. According to him, it is more about whose verse had the most impact and not about who outrapped the other. Fans wondered if his opinions would lead to a beef with Supa Mega.

Well, it didn’t. Apparently, it’s all love between them because Supa Mega tweeted “Hawu Zingah, so early in the morning”. This prompted a reply from the “Greenlight” hit maker who wrote,

“I haven’t slept 😅😂 I’m about to submit my project. I know you can relate to the pressure when it’s crunch.”

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