AKA Responds To The Criticism Of His Use Of Auto Tune!

AKA replies critism of his use of auto tune

AKA responds to the criticism of his use of auto tune in his music.

Popular Mzansi rapper, AKA isn’t going to let anyone’s opinions about the things he does stop him from doing them. The rapper has been known for his use of auto tune since the day he dropped “Victory Lap”. Thing is, it has never been a one time thing, so people have constantly criticized him for it.

Seems he’s had enough because the rapper is finally speaking out about it. According to him, he can’t sing, his words not ours. He can’t even hold a note, so the auto tune makes him sound better and sell more records. He also revealed he began using it after opening for American Hip-Hop group, Migos in Durban.

He also accused his critics of not criticising Travis Scott who does it too. We all know, no matter what people say, Supa Mega would do exactly what he likes.

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