AKA Says He Doesn’t Rely On Gigs For Money

AKA reveals he doesn't rely on gigs for money

AKA reveals he has multiple streams of income and doesn’t rely on paid gigs for money.

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a ban on events and music shows, causing artists to lose out on music gigs. You need not be told that this has taken a toll on the income of several musical acts who have to rely on paid gigs for income.

A lot of them have spoken out about how difficult it has been to make money since the ban was announced. Some tweeps figured that “Energy” rapper, AKA was also affected by the income drought but the rapper has come out to say he isn’t.

According to him, he doesn’t rely on paid gigs for money because he has multiple streams of income. We all know he’s one of the country’s most successful artists. He revealed that him being comfortable shouldn’t hinder his fight to provide assistance to artists who need it.

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