AKA Speaks Out On The Unrest In Zimbabwe

AKA raises awareness on the current unrest in Zimbabwe

AKA speaks out to raise awareness on the current unrest in Zimbabwe.

Currently in Zimbabwe, a lot is going on but not many of people are talking about it. From what we hear, innocent protesters against injustices are being arrested by the army and the riot police in the country. This is sad news for many in Africa.

Zimbabwean native, Kim Jayde was among the first to speak out on the unrest. She took to Twitter to urge people to help raise awareness towards it as the media was not doing enough to spread the news. This garnered a lot of attention including that of SA Hip Hop star, AKA and popular DJ, Zakes Bantwini.

He took to his Twitter account on Sunday, August 2nd to urge people to speak out against the unrest as much as they did the Black Lives Matter movement. Zakes also urged his followers to do the same.

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