AKA Teases Visuals From Unreleased Song, “Soft Touch”

AKA has just released a teaser video of an imminent work, “Soft Touch.” He released it via his verified Instagram channel, and you can watch it right here at UbeToo.

This isn’t the first time the “Fela In Versace” hitmaker will release a teaser of an imminent work. He has released a couple of teasers previously, and we have shared them here on this blog. A simple search should reveal them.

Fans are beginning to love the “teaser journey,” though, vibing with a short clip of what is to come and ultimately consuming the full flame when it drops.

At the rate he is teasing videos of imminent works these days, AKA just might wake up one morning to hear fans calling him “Teaser.” Wouldn’t that be grand, anyway? Imagine him bearing that name, and charming Mzansi every other week with short clips of imminent works and then dropping the real thing.

By the way, following his failed Sneaker deal with sportswear giant Reebok for the production of the SneAKA sneaker range, the rapper had described the peeps behind the brand as idiots.

Oh, well, what do you think of AKA’s teaser video? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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