AKA To Fans ‘Celebs are dumb, just like you’,

AKA tells fans celebs are dumb like they are

AKA tells fans that celebs are dumb like they are.

Leave it to SA Hip hop star, AKA to shatter tables and walk away like nothing happened. Sometimes we get the feeling that he does it on purpose. He has actually hinted on that being true.

The Mzansi star is known to always speak his mind about certain situations and people. However, his tweet on July 27 had fans wondering what or who he was referring to. Even right now, no one has any answers. The “Cross My Heart” hit maker simply tweeted “Celebs are dumb just like you” causing a frenzy among his fans.

Later on, he returned and revealed that he has a habit of leaving “poops” on his timeline and carrying on like nothing happened. We are guessing no one provoked the tweet, he could have been trying to liven things up a bit. Shout out to him for always keeping us on our toes.

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