AKA Was Marveled As Sjava Sold Out His One-Man Show In Durban

AKA reacts excitedly to Sjava selling out his one-man show in Durban.

Sjava’s recent feat has shown that he has a large fan base that is eager to attend any of his shows. This is because of the fact that he sold out his one-man show in Durban.

To accommodate his sea of fans, he had to include a second show.

South African rapper, AKA, has shown his support for Sjava by commenting on his Instagram post. AKA was really marveled that his fellow rapper was able to sell out his one-show at the ICC in Durban.

Sjava’s one-man show was sold out a month before the musician will climb on stage and perform.

AKA, who is very impressed by Sjava’s accomplishment, commented about the ‘cancel culture.’ He said that it is not real.

The cancel culture is based on the abuse allegations levied against Sjava by his ex, Lady Zamar. Because of this, people are trying to ‘cancel’ Sjava and his career.

Lady Zamar’s fans did not believe the information she had shared with them regarding her separation with Sjava. Lady Zamar revealed the story when she was tired of her fans inquiring consistently about the reasons for their breakup.

This all started last year at his One Night with Sjava show. He had introduced his wife to South Africans at this concert.

Sjava has also granted his fans an opportunity to see him perform as he has added a second night to his show.

The rapper, AKA, has also been getting support from DJ Zinhle. This is happening despite the rumours that the famous South African couple has gone their separate ways.

Fans are uncertain about what is happening- whether they are still together or not. As the people’s favourite couple are not revealing the truth about their relationship, we hope that time will reveal everything soon.

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