AKA: YoungstaCPT Claims Rapper’s Killers Would Have Been Found If Incident Happened In Cape Town

South Africa is still trying to come to terms with the murder of Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, and opinions about his death are still flying out there, with YoungstaCPT being the latest to share his thoughts about the incident that shook South Africa days ago.

According to the celebrated rapper, if the incident of February 10 had taken place in Cape Town, the criminals would have been apprehended within one hour. He made his thoughts known in a tweet which you can check out below.

The tweet elicited mixed reactions, with some agreeing with him, some questioning how that would have been possible, and yet stating he was speaking from a place of anger

YoungstaCPT is from Cape Town and had deep roots there. In fact, he is so fond of his origins that he adopted the city (CPT) as part of his stage name (YoungstaCPT).

AKA was shot dead alongside his former managed Tebello Motsoane just outside Wish restaurant on Florida Road in Durban, ending over a decade of rap excellence.

There have been many theories about who could have masterminded his murder, with some claiming that his associates are privy to the murder while some claim that the family of his late girlfriend Anele “Nelli” (who had jumped to death years ago) could be responsible.

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