AKA’s Coronavirus Diaries Now Airing On BET and MTV Base – Details

Many were shocked when he announced, days back, via a press release, that he was down with coronavirus. Apparently AKA has since recovered and will be chronicling his journey from infection to healing.

The journey will be chronicled via a “Diary” series which will be on MTV Base and BET. The diary began airing yesterday 15 July 2020. You can follow the diaries at 17:00 on MTV Base (DStv channel 322) and on BET (DStv channel 135).

To give an idea of what was imminent, AKA had shared clips of himself when he was down with coronavirus and an the point of his recovery.

The first clip was of him, apparently down with the virus, sneezing and trying to speak into the mic.

The follow-up clip was of him, still in his apartment but noticeably jubilant. The clip ended with him resting his face on the recorder. Both clips might interest you, whether you are down with the virus or not.

For those who are down with the virus and afraid for their lives, the story of AKA’s recovery, presented in brilliant colours, might ignite the lamp of hope. Or what do you think?

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