AKA’s Father Remembers Times Spent With Him

AKA’s father, Tony Forbes remembers the times he spent with him while he was alive.

AKA and his dad had an amazing relationship while he was alive. The rapper was murdered on February 10, and the scene has not been the same ever since. His family and fans have been left with the memories he left with them.

AKA’s father has remained strong while mourning him. Tony Forbes recently took to social media to reminisce on time he spent with him that he would cherish forever. He reflected on a time the “Cross My Heart” star showed him his i8 and other memories he can’t forget.

“Remember when you took me Christmas shopping…although I think it was much more about you showing me that i8, lol. To this day I never got that R3k perfume from Sandton City. I did not mind though. It was great just spending the day with you my boy” he wrote.

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