AKA’s Friend Simphiwe “Sim Dopes” Gumede’s Mansion Impresses Mzansi

A picture of AKA’s friend Simphiwe “Sim Dope” Gumede’s house has just been shared online and fans are shocked at its sheer grandeur. It is pretty massive and impressive, and some tweeps joked that it is a mall and not just another house.

The image was shared by a Twitter user known simply as Counsel, who joked that he zoomed into Gumede’s house, and then “corrected” himself in the same tweet by calling it a mall.

His sentiments were shared by many South Africans who saw it, one of whom noted that the house can be seen from anywhere in Nelspruit. This implied that it is not only massive but likely built on a hill. You can check out the tweet below.

Somehow, the sharing of that image brought back memories of AKA< as he was a friend to the businessman and even dedicated a song to him at some point in his career. Sadly, AKA was felled by the assassin’s bullets on February 10, as he stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban.

Wherever he is right now – assuming the dead could see – he would be pleased that one of his pals is doing pretty well for himself.

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