AKA’s Posthumous “Mass Country” Receives Gold & Platinum Plaques, Family Celebrates

South African rapper AKA might be dead, but he would certainly be pleased with the news that his posthumous album “Mass Country” has just been awarded gold and platinum plaques by Sony Music and Vth Season.

AKA would have released the album earlier (before his assassination), but a couple of reasons, including A-Reece’s planning to release an album around the same time, caused him to defer the release of his project. Sadly, he never got to see the album released.

But the project was eventually released after his death. Thanks to the interest in his killing, the project did well locally, ultimately earning the gold plaque, which his family is currently celebrating.

In a post on his official Instagram page, which is managed by his family and management, his family displayed the plaques for all to see, while also thanking the rapper’s fans, who are collectively known as the Megacy. You can check out the post below.

AKA was gunned down on February 10, soon after stepping out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban. Although the police have been investigating the case since then, the progress has not been encouraging. Understandably, his fans are not happy with the situation.

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