“Album Mode” – Anatii Hints At Dropping A New Album Soon

Celebrated singer Anatii has just given hints he might release new music soon, and South Africans are excited already.

In a recent tweet, the “Thixo Onofefe” hitmaker merely dropped a laconic “album mode.” However, it was enough for fans to put two and two together and conclude that the muso has been cooking something and might drop new music soon.

It’s been a while since Anatii released anything, so the recent “album mode” tweet was all fans need to know that the songster must be up to something. But then, it isn’t the first time he has hinted at dropping new music soon.

As early as July 7, he had changed his profile picture to that of an artwork for a project, with the “parental warning” sign by the side. The drawing showed what appeared to be an oldie with wild hair. There was neither a title nor Anatii’s name to it, however.

Still, it was a strong signal that new music was on the way. And with Anatii announcing he’s in “album mode,” what other sign would fans need?

While there is neither a project nor a tracklist confirmation, there’s still nothing to worry about. We’re following events keenly and will bring you whatever Anatii should release in the coming days.

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