Alcohol: Sizwe Dhlomo Advises AKA To Begin A Watermelon Fruit Hustle

Besides rap, AKA is also a fine businessman. As he would say to whoever cares to listen, he is here to secure the bag. Of course, this automatically translates to securing his business interests.

Speaking about his interests, the rapper, whose birth name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, is into sneakers (facetiously called SneAKA), music production and even alcohol production…

He’s got a vodka flavor name for him: the Cruz Vodka AKA watermelon. It has been in production for years. Patronage of the flavor, according to sources, is pretty good, and AKA is cashing out seriously.

So what would happen if someone tries to frustrate production and ultimately stop the money? Recently Sizwe Dhlomo joined the advocacy for alcohol ban after South Africa’s minister of transport opened the floor for debate.

AKA, who was at the mountains days back to shoot the music video of his soaraway track “Energy,” scoffed at the idea of a ban, stating that he had to fee his family. His vodka flavor has been a source of income during the lockdown.

Well, Sizwe Dhlomo is not impressed either. He advised AKA in a tweet to sell watermelon – the fruit.

Will AKA listen? What do you think? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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