Alleged Arrogance: DJ Tira Replies Reality Star Lucky Gumbi

Notable polygamist and reality television star Lucky Gumbi has described boss DJ Tira as arrogant and self-centred. He made the accusation on the set of his show The Gumbis,  which airs on SABC-1.

According to Lucky Gumbi, before DJ Tira became a musical success, he used to hire him as a DJ. He said success has gone into the boss’s head and the DJ is all for himself, not caring about other people.

He said, compared to other DJs he had worked with, DJ Tira is an arrogant boy. He said other DJs he had worked with, including Christos and Ganyani, were different. DJ Tira, on the other hand, would not even acknowledge him (Lucky Gumbi) when he runs into him in the streets.

However, according to Lucky Gumbi, if he happens to be with a pretty woman, DJ Tira would greet him.

In response to Lucky Gumbi’s claims, DJ stated that he doesn’t even know the reality television star, nor has he worked with him. He added that if he had disrespected Lucky Gumbi in any way, he is sorry.

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