Ama Qamata Details Panic Attack On The Set of “Blood And Water” Season Two

Actress Ama Qamata has detailed how she felt on the set of Blood and Water, which is currently on its second season. Apparently she had her first panic attack while filming.

She revealed this much in a recent chat with Pulse. According to the 23-year old, while the first season of the flick may have gone with ease, the second season gave her panic attacks. She still pulled off a splendid performance.

The coronavirus pandemic may have delayed the shooting of season two, but Ama Qamatqa is chuffed to be back to location and shooting. She described the journey so far as “incredible,” noting she’s grateful and excited to see the story.

In Blood and Water, Ama Qamata played the role of Puleng Khumalo. Much of the story depended on her character. But she’s not afraid of the responsibility. It remains to be seen how the second season will perform compared to the first.

By the way panic attack is nothing strange for an actress – or anyone for that matter. When expectations are very high, a lot of things happen, including, f course, panic attacks.

You may want to stay tuned for more details on Blood and Water  season two.

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