Amakipkip Under Fire For Launching AKA Tribute Merch Without Forbes Family’s Permission

South African streetwear brand Amakipkip faced severe backlash recently after it launched AKA tribute merch without first consulting the family of the late rapper – the Forbes.

Miffed by the respect for the rapper’s legacy and for his family. Many South Africans had taken to social media, where they roasted the brand for trying to profit from the late rapper’s unfortunate death.

AKA was assassinated with a point-blank shot to the head on February 10 this year. He had just stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durband when the assassin crawled close and pulled the trigger, ending a brilliant career in the streets.

Although an investigation has been opened into the case, no serious headway has been made yet. Already, South Africans are exasperated with the slow pace of the investigation, and some have been mouthing their fears that the police will bungle the job and AKA’s killers might not be found.

In a post on his Instagram Story, AKA’s brother had shared a picture of the tribute merch made by Amakipkip and denounced the brand as shameless. Some other AKA associates did the same.

Many South Africans were adamant Amakipkip was wrong, and they made it clear they won’t buy the merch

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