Amanda Du Pont’s Sisters Blast Jub Jub On Social Media

Amanda Du Pont’s sisters have blasted Jub Jub on social media amid GBV allegations.

It has been a very shocking weekend for all of us here in Mzansi. Everyone was shocked to hear Amanda Du Pont open up about some of the things she allegedly faced at the hands of rapper and TV personality, Jub Jub for two years.

In the emotional video, she alleges that he attempted to murder her and also raped her in the two years that they were together. Since the video was shared, Amanda has trended heavily and her husband, sisters, and fans have spoken out to support her.

Amanda’s sisters, Amber-Kayleigh and Adele-Kim Du Pont recently took to social media to blast Jub Jub for the things he put their sister through. They called out fans who still support him, and said they’re part of the problem. Amber-Kayleigh called the “Uyajola 9/9” star, “dried out” and “irrelevant”.

“All I will say is that Jub Jub is a weak piece of s*** who just wants clout because he is dried out and irrelevant. Imagine having to spread lies and use Amanda’s name just to get views. Jub Jub is a rapist, murderer, abuser and liar! If you support him you are part of the problem.”

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