Ambitiouz Entertainment Reportedly Behind The Removal Of Cici & DJ Zinhle’s “Thula” Song From Streaming Platforms

News reports indicate that Ambitiouz Entertainment, easily one of the most controversial record labels in South Africa, was instrumental in the removal of Cici’s and DJ Zinhle’s collaborative song “Thula” from streaming platforms.

The record label is infamous for fighting for its long history of fighting its artists, especially those who left abruptly and without the label’s blessings. From Emtee to Amanda Black to Saudi, there are several casualties from the house of Ambitiouz.

Cici wa previously signed to the record label but left in controversial circumstance. But Ambitiouz wasn’t done with her yet, as it was believed she had not fulfilled her part of the contract.

But Cici was done with them. She went ahead to release new music on her own. She worked with DJ Zinhle on “Thula.” Slighted by her move, Ambitiouz Entertainment had reportedly done everything within its power t have the song taken down from srreaming platform, which means Cici cannot make money from the song since people cannot stream or buy it online.

A source claimed that Cici owed Ambitiouz Entertainment an album that she has actually completed but that they have not given her clearance. The same source claimed the song was not part of her debt to the record label.

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