Ambitiouz Entertainment’s Miss Pru, Malome Vector & Blaq Go Double Platinum With Their Songs

Some artistes signed to the controversial record label Ambitiouz entertainment are having a good run and happy to be. Miss Pru, and Malome Vector have gone double platinum with their songs and are excited the world should know.

has gone double platinum with her song “Price To Pay.” The song was a hit with fans at the time it was released. So its going double platinum soon after is nothing surprising.

On his part, Malome Vector has gone platinum with his “Dumelang” song featuring Blaq Diamond, a South African band and also signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment.

In a tweet yesterday, Malome Vector had shared three crying emojis, stating he doesn’t even know what to say. “Double platinum gang!! !! !!” He ended his tweet.

Referencing her double platinum win, Miss Pru, a DJ, had also shared a crying emoji, thanking fans for their support.

It is interesting the works of two Ambitiouz Entertainmet artistes should go double platinum almost at the same time.

What do you think of Miss Pru’s “Price To Pay” and Malome Vector & Blaq Diamond ‘s “Dumelang” going double platinum? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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