Amid Cyan Boujee Drama, Prince Kaybee’s Baby Mama Zola Mhlongo Empowers Women On Women’s Day – Watch

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Amid the whole Cyan Boujee drama, Prince Kaybee’s baby mama, Zola Mhlongo has just shown that she wouldn’t be dragged into it = or doesn’t care at all.

Just recently, Cyan Boujee, a disc jockey, accused Prince Kaybee of leaking their saucy video. But Prince Kaybee ignored her, choosing to focus on new music instead. He shared a link to SoundCloud where fans could listen to a remix of a song he made.

Zola Mhlongo followed the same path by not saying anything about the whole drama. Instead, she posted a powerful video affirming the power of the woman. It was Women’s Day and she decided to do something symbolic that can actually impact the lives of many women out there, especially those who might be doubting the powers vested in them as females. You can check out the video below.

Many South Africans who saw the video commended Zola for refusing to be dragged into the Cyan Boujee drama but doing something symbolic and meaningful.

This isn’t the first “scandal” that Zola has witnessed as a lover to Prince Kaybee. The previous one had more traction because Prince Kaybee’s pedunda was revealed. Yeah, he had apparently sent his dick pics to one random broad.