Andile Mpisane And Family Cuts Off Sithelo Shozi Over Child Paternity Issues

Mzansi star, and his family has cut off his girlfriend, Sithelo Shozi over the paternity of their second child.

We might as well just say it. It is only the beginning of the year, and there seems to be a lot of drama happening in the entertainment industry. The year is truly going to be crazy.

According to media reporter and blogger, Khawala Musa, has reportedly dumosd Sithelo Shozi. This is said to be caused by his alleged questioning of the paternity of their second child. Further reports reveal that she’s also been cut off by the entire Mpisane family, and the BMW that was gifted her last year has been taken back.

Literally everyone on social media is stunned by the news. Some have reacted saying it doesn’t matter how rich you are, because you could still get cheated on by the person you love.

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