Anele Mdoda Cries Out To Fikile Mbalula As Potholes Destroy Her Tyres, Minister Roasted for Quick Response

After potholes ruined her car, media personality Anele Mdoda slammed South Africa’s transport minister Fikile Mbalula.

She shared her frustrations in a Twitter thread, and many other Twitter users, including another famous media personality Mohale Motaung, joined her to share similar experiences.

In her first tweet, she had mentioned the minister, letting him know how potholes had destroyed two of her tyres at Sandton Drive.

Replying to her tweet, Mohale Motaung noted that he hit the potholes twice, and on both occasions, he needed to have his tyres replaced. He ended by voicing an opinion expressed by most road users: the potholes are anathema.

Providing further details about her experience, Anele had noted that the driver in front of her ducked into a pothole, and she did the same. She said she was especially annoyed because she’d had to replace her tyres because the minister wasn’t doing his job.

Replying to Anele, Fikile Mbalula had asked her to send him a direct message on Twitter.

Unimpressed by that, some Twitter users had called him out, wondering why he only replies to celebrities and not those who had previously mentioned him in their tweets about the problem.

In an update, Anele Mdoda noted that the spot that snapped her tyres was being repaired.

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