Anele Mdoda Speaks on The “Mysterious” Boyfriend Who Stalked Her Using Her iPhone

South African media personality Anele Mdoda has just given insight into her past dating life, noting that her ex-boyfriend (whom she never named) used to track her using her iPhone.

Anele Mdoda detailed that and much more during an appearance on the 947 Breakfast Club. According to her, her boyfriend was insecure and tracked her. So, he was able to determine where she was each time and who she was with. At some point, she got curious about how he was able to determine where she was and who she was with.

She checked her emails and searched for the phrase “find my iPhone.” The search turned up over a thousand emails and she was able to determine that her fan had in fact been stalking her. It was a spooky experience and one she would rather not have.

But who could be the boyfriend and father of his son Alakhe whom she has refused to name despite the great public interest? Some social media users are beginning to speculate that it must be the entrepreneur Sizwe Dhlomo because little Alakhe is most often found in his company, even during Father’s Day.

Well, it remains to be seen when the truth about Alakhe’s father will be revealed.

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