Anele Mdoda’s Take On TV In Bedroom Sparks Heated Debate

South African media personality Anele Mdoda provoked a debate online after she complimented a fan who shared a picture of his shack. In this humble abode, a TV is seen playing.

According to the fan, who goes by the name Ma Shu Du, it was the first time posting his bedroom. Anele, who had no problem with what the fan posted, commented that a TV is a must in the bedroom.

Her take did not sit well with some tweeps and they criticised her for it, noting that a TV in a bedroom is not the best decision. To some of her critics, a bedroom is essentially a place of rest and not a place for distractions like television.

Anele Mdoda'S Take On Tv In Bedroom Sparks Heated Debate 2

Another noted that a TV in the bedroom is bad for relationships as the bedroom is where a couple is supposed to stay concentrated on each other without the intrusive distraction that a television represents. Well, to each his own.

Anele Mdoda is famous for always speaking her mind on issues. So her latest take is surprising not at all. The controversial media personality, who once earned public excoriation for her disparaging remarks against Kelly Rowland, will likely speak her mind again.

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