Apple Announces Discontinuation Of The iPod

After 21 years of making iPods, Apple has announced it’s discontinuing one of its iconic products. The iPod was the in-thing for lovers of music years back. But times have changed, and Apple is looking elsewhere and discontinuing the iPod.

Launched on 23 October 2001 by Steve Jobs, the iPod wasn’t exactly the first music player out there. Still, the product, design and all, revolutionised how people listened to music and magically tempted most to ditch CDs.

Interestingly, when the product launched, Steve Jobs had famously observed, verbatim, “With iPod, listening to music will never be the same again.” Events would prove him right in the long run.

The iPod could hold up to 1,000 songs at the time it was launched

It has been a good run-up to the discontinuation announcement, but fans still have only good memories to share about the product.

Apple now runs its own streaming service, making the iPod a bit of a drag. So the iPod has to go as Apple streamline its services. Still, the memories of the product will be evergreen for those who used it and loved it.

By the way, some analysts claim to have expected the death of the iPod after Apple introduced the iPhone.

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