Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga Set For “Rain On Me” Performance at 2020 VMA’S

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga are billed to perform their collaborative single “Rain On Me” at this year’s MTV video music awards (VMA) on 30 August.

It would be the first live performance of the song, which made the cut in Lady Gaga’s LP “Chromatica,” by the two singers.

MTV announced the imminent performance on 17 August via its channel, which you can watch below.

Ariana Grande is excited about the imminent performance at the VMA. On Instagram, she shared a short clip about the upcoming performance, informing fans of the day. She tagged Lady Gaga to it.

The video music awards, which will hold at 8 p.m., also has Maluma, Roddy Ricch, and The Weeknd on the lineup of performers.

By the way, “Rain On Me” popped online back in May this year to a rapturous reception from fans. The song did well and was followed by the music video, which did equally well.

Based on the responses to Ariana Grande’s Instagram post, it is clear her fans are already looking forward to her performance. Oh, well, so are we. You may want to make it a date. August 30 is less than two weeks away.

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