“Auto Renewal EP” – Makhadzi Shades Open Mic Productions With New Music Announcemenet

Makhadzi has not only left Open Mic Productions, but she is also flying out there and has no qualms shading the record label to which she was previously signed. She has just founded a record label named for her and wants nothing to do with Open Mic again.

Just recently, she had claimed in a Twitter thread that she got no cent from her signing a record label deal with Open Mic. In the three years, she was there, she claimed not to have received a cent despite releasing four albums and other music.

She also rejected the auto-renewable contract that the label said she signed, insisting that she was never given a copy of the contract. She had gone ahead to found Makhadzi Entertainment and warned the public to stop booking her from IOpen Mic Productions. She gave new details of her bookings.

In a recent post on her official Twitter account, she had shaded Open Mic by referencing their autorenewal contract claims. She would be dropping a new project dubbed “Autorenewal” EP. Well, can you beat that? You can check out her post below.

Of course, we will be here to share the EP with you on release. Follow us right now and stay tuned/

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