Ayanda Ncwane’s Plush Joburg Mansion Charms Netizens (Pictures)

Has Mzansi stepped into the season of the showing off of mansions? This week has been hot with celebs flaunting their cribs, so we are pretty curious about what exactly is going on. It seems just like days ago that media personality Tbo Touch showed off his plushy mansion. And now Mzansi has gotten a similar show from Ayanda Ncwane.

Ayanda, you probably already know, is Sfisa Ncwane’s window. The late gospel musician may no longer be on the material plane, but his wife still is, and she is living the life many dream of but might never acquire until death intrudes.

A news website recently shared pictures of her crib, capturing the outside of it, as well as the Range Rover parked outside. South Africans who saw the images were impressed and thought out loud that Ayanda was living the life. You can check out the images that snagged the attention of MZansi Twitter below.

By the way, Ayanda Ncwane was previously part of the reality show the Real Housewives of Surban (RHOD). Now, Nonku Williams, a woman her husband had an affair with, is part of the show, while Ayanda is focused on other things, including the businesses her late husband left behind. And her mansion is where she cools off.

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