Babalwa Buries Ntsiki Mazwai Over Ownership of Bonang’s BNG

Mzansi media personality Babalwa Mneno has blasted Ntsiki Mazwai for claiming Bonang is not the owner of the BNG brand.

Days ago, the controversial poet had gone on a rant on social media, laughing at the idea that Bonang owns the alcohol brand BNG. As far as Ntsiki Mazwai is concerned, Bonang, a famous media personlity, is merely the face of the brand, and it is owned by someone else.

Reacting to Ntsiki Mazwai’s claims, Mneno, a friend to Bonang, said she’d rather cash out millions in being gimmick than cash nothing because she owns something. She described as disturbing Ntsiki Mazwai’s obsession with Bonang, advising the controversial poet to visit a local healer to get over her obsession.

Bonang herself hasn’t responded to Ntsiki Mazwai. And it’s doubtful she would. She rarely responds to her trolls and critics, except in particularly serious cases.

Interestingly, Ntsiki had earlier ripped into Bonang’s ex-boyfriend, AKA. She was among those who were of the opinion that “Fela in Versace” rapper was abusive to his girlfriend Nelli Tembe and pushed her to the brink of suicide. She insisted the songster should be canceled for this.

Other celebs Ntsiki Mazwai has lashed publicly for one reason or the other include, DJ Fresh, Euphonik, and America’s Nicki Minaj.

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