Babyface and Teddy Riley set to have a music face-off

Babyface and Teddy Riley will have a music face-off

and Riley set to have a music face-off.

The only way you could say you dont know these two names and get a pass is if you say you were born in the 2010s. Whoever knows good music would have come across music from or even written by these two icons.

Yes, they are big time icons. The music industry exists because of their contributions to it. So when you hear they are about to have a music face-off, you may very well join the list of viewers ready to cheer them on.

Truly, this quarantine season has taught everyone to live a little. That’s exactly what our artists have been doing since. The faceoff was recently announced by music producer, Swizzbeatz via his Instagram page.

According to him, he has been working on it with Timbaland for a while, and Verzuz finally made it happen. The event is scheduled to happen on Sunday at 6pm EST.

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