Backlash Over Tom Holland’s Controversial Scene In “The Crowded Room”

Backlash Over Tom Holland’s Controversial Scene In “The Crowded Room”

Actor Tom Holland faced severe backlash recently over what has been dubbed a controversial scene in “The Crowded Room.”

In the psycho-thriller series, Tom Holland played the character Danny Sullivan, a criminal with dissociative identity disorder.  In a scene, which happens to be the source of the whole controversy, Tom Holland’s character had a wild time with a male character at a gay club.

As far as some viewers of the Apple TV+ series were concerned, what was shown was inappropriate. And according to some of them, it was especially annoying because Tom Holland was the most unlikely character for the role.

Of course, on the other side of the whole conversation are those who believe that the actor actually did nothing out of place in the series. He is, after all, as far as they know, an actor whose job is to bring a character to life. Only, he has no control over how the public responds to it.

For his part, Tom Holland had said nothing at the time of writing. If he will address the controversy – and when – is left to time. We might bring you the scoop when he drops it. So stay tuned if you please.